Home Maintenance Tips To Wipe Out The Termite Problem

Home Maintenance Tips To Wipe Out The Termite Problem

In Indian homes, termites and how to treat them are a significant problem. In Indian households, wood is a common building material for both the interior and exterior of a home. Termite infestation is more common in timber items that have not been properly pest and insect treated. Termites are incredibly damaging and may cause extensive damage in a short period of time. Pest control techniques are thus essential to maintain the safety of timber furniture and fittings. Keep in mind, though, that termites may survive outside of wood. So, in order to understand how to get rid of termites, you must first be aware of their signs.

Your Home Is Infested by Termites

Termites can appear in a number of different ways. Subterranean termite indications include mud tubes, hollow-sounding wood, termite frass, and abandoned wings. Peeling paint might indicate termites, but it could also indicate something else completely.Termites may be banging their heads against your walls and making a clicking noise.

The following list includes some of the most obvious termite infestation symptoms:

  • Mud tubes are created.
  • Damaged wood 
  • Doors and windows that are out of place
  • Termites in swarms
  • Termite nests

How Can Termites Be Removed From Your Furniture?

The termite management procedures mentioned above on how to eliminate termites from wood also apply to furniture. Additional advice on how to manage termites at home are provided below to assist you totally solve your problem.

How to Prevent Termites from Returning to Your Furniture?

Check out the following methods if you want to get rid of termites in your home: 

  • Make sure that your furniture is not in a moist environment.
  • Apply aloe vera gel sometimes as a protective coating to wooden furniture.
  • Have all of your wooden furniture professionally polished using high-quality wood polish you’ve purchased.
  • Remove any unnecessary wooden items from your home since they serve as a breeding habitat for bugs.
  • If you reside close or in a seaside city, you must have specialist chemical treatments performed on a regular basis. 

Termites in Wood: How to Get Rid of Them

Seeking expert assistance is a sensible decision. However, if the infestation is not severe, you may get rid of termites in wooden furniture with these do-it-yourself termite treatment strategies. Furthermore, several of these recommendations focus on natural termite control as a more cost-effective alternative.

Sunlight Aids in the Treatment of Wood Termites

Exposing termites to sunlight is one of the most effective natural termite control methods. Termites prefer wet, dark environments and are hence sensitive to sunlight. As a termite control treatment, leave your wooden furniture in direct sunshine for two to three days. 

Termites can’t endure the heat and, as a result, perish quickly. This procedure also aids in the removal of moisture from the furniture, so permanently eliminating termites. It also works well as a chemical-free anti-termite treatment at home.

Make a Cardboard Trap for Homemade Termite Treatment

Looking for a simple anti-termite treatment you can do at home? Termites may be organically exterminated using materials such as cardboard. Cardboard is made of cellulose and has a woody odour that termites love. 

Moisten it with water to intensify the odor, then place it near the afflicted area for termite control. The termites are enticed out to the open cardboard box within a few hours. To get rid of termites in wooden furniture, throw it away or burn it. 

To Get Rid of Termites, Spray Boric Acid Permanently

To get rid of termites at home, make a solution of borax powder and water and spray it on the damaged regions. It’s a non-toxic procedure that guarantees termites in cabinets and other wooden furniture disappear after a few treatments. For optimal anti-termite treatment outcomes, combine this procedure with the cardboard trap.

Termite Control using Parasitic Nematodes

Small worms known as parasitic nematodes burrow into termite larvae and destroy them within two days. To help get rid of termites at home, you may get this at your local nursery or online.

Termite Oil Treatment

Orange and neem oils are extremely efficient against wood termites. The former includes d-limonene, which may quickly kill termites when they come into touch with it. However, neem oil starts to operate as soon as termites ingest it. For best results, pour or spritz these oils over troublesome areas often.

Keep the soil and the wood at a safe distance from one another.

By developing colonies beneath your home, termites can cause damage to the foundation. The simplest approach to prevent this is to build your home sufficiently far from your lawn or garden. Experts advise that the distance between your house and garden be at least 18 inches.

How Can Termites in Your Wall Be Removed?

Wall termite infestations may be expensive. So keeping your home clean and ventilated is the first and most efficient home remedy for termites in a wall. 

Make certain that all water leaks are repaired. The natural method for how to get rid of termites at home is provided below to keep your house free of infestation. 


Vinegar may be used in a variety of ways to kill termites. Vinegar can be used in the following ways:

  • Its most basic form
  • Dissolved in water at a 1:1 ratio.
  • Mixed at a 1:2 ratio with lemon juice.
  • Combined with olive oil at a 1:4 ratio

The most powerful homemade termite killer remedy is vinegar diluted in water or vinegar combined with lemon juice. Other termite remedies for home are also available, depending on your preferences. After you’ve created the solution, spray it in any locations where termites may be lurking. 

Repeat the procedure.

Allow for drying time before repeating the process. Reapply the spray after 2 to 3 days. It might take anything from three days to several weeks to eradicate all termites. However, after spraying the wall a second time, all you have to do is sit back and wait for the termites to die. If termites remain in your house after three weeks, you should schedule another treatment. You should also keep an eye out for where they’re hiding and plug any holes where they may return.

Vinegar has shown to be one of the most powerful ingredients in the solution to how to eradicate termites from your house.

More Advice on Termite Protection for Furniture

After all is said and done, prevention is always preferable than treatment. So here’s what you can do to avoid a termite infestation:

  • Make certain that your furniture is not exposed to any type of dampness.
  • Apply aloe vera gel on wooden furniture on a regular basis as a protective coating.
  • Invest in a wood polish and have it applied by a professional to all of your wooden furniture.
  • Remove any unneeded wooden things from your home as they are breeding grounds for pests.
  • If you reside in a coastal city, have expert chemical treatments performed on a regular basis.

You no longer have to worry about termites digging in and consuming through your wooden furniture if you properly follow these suggestions on how to get rid of termites at home.

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